Streams & Wetlands Restoration

Beards Creek: Killarney House & Neighborhood Community BMPs

With “Live Green, Eat Irish” as their motto, a roof covered in solar panels, and a small farm out back, the Killarney House Irish Restaurant is committed to being environmentally responsible.  In 2015, Killarney House reached out to the Federation with concerns of stormwater ponding and erosion on their property and neighboring properties. The Federation identified opportunities for stormwater management, which in tandem could eliminate substantial amounts of pollution and runoff volume from reaching Beards Creek.

The project begins with a step pool system on Killarney’s back lot and continues through an ephemeral ditch on Tropic Bay Water Garden’s property.  Across the street, the project picks back up with pocket wetlands before continuing in a step-pool style road-side bio-swale.  Planted with a wide variety of native plants, this site will provide new and enhanced habitat for native fauna and pollinators.

The project was jointly funded by Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and the Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection Program.  Underwood & Associates designed and constructed the project.