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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect, preserve, and restore the South, West, and Rhode Rivers by working with local communities to achieve clean, fishable, and swimmable waterways for present and future generations.


A Very Special Place

We are devoted to protecting and restoring a very special place – the South, West, and Rhode Rivers of Anne Arundel County.

We use a science-driven, community-based approach to improve the water quality of our rivers – and we’re not afraid to get our boots muddy.

We pursue thoughtful restoration strategies to make our rivers and creeks safe for swimming and boating and to protect natural resources like fish, oysters and crabs. Our stream, wetland and shoreline projects create wildlife habitat, reduce flooding and help stop stormwater pollution.

The South, West, and Rhode Riverkeeper acts as the eyes, ears and voices for our local Rivers. Our organization is wholly focused on achieving our vision of clean, healthy, sustaining waterways for our local communities.

Arundel Rivers Federation was created on January 2, 2019 and is the result of the consolidation of South River Federation and West Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc.


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    The Federation is effective because of the people who live,
    work and play on the South, West, and Rhode Rivers.