Streams & Wetlands Restoration

Broad Creek Park Stream Restoration

This project is our third and final project in Broad Creek Park; it restores approximately 3,760 linear feet of actively eroding stream and provides opportunities to enhance forested riparian buffer. Our work restores the incised stream by raising the groundwater and allowing flows to frequently access the floodplain rather than eroding the channel. This will lead to reduced nutrient and sediment pollution flowing into to the South River, restored hydrology, and enhanced habitat.

Project Objectives Include:
– Restore the ecological function of the stream by raising the stream bed to allow for out-of-bank flows to reconnect the floodplain and recharge groundwater.
– Eliminate head cuts and bank erosion to reduce harmful nutrient and sediment loads polluting the South River.
– Restore lost and enhance existing habitat and wetlands.
– Complete the final phase of restoration in this sub-watershed. This project will be the 6th large scale restoration project in the immediate area and is the final drainage for the five upland projects.
– Enhance the forested riparian buffer to increase the system’s capacity to provide water quality and habitat benefits.

To achieve the identified goals, rock and earthen weir structures are installed in the existing channel along with valley wide grade control structures. This approach will push flows up and out into the floodplain, rehydrating the wetlands and reducing erosion.