Streams & Wetlands Restoration

Tri State Marine Wetland Creation

The Tri-State Marine stormwater wetland project is a collaboration between the Federation and Tri-State Marine, a full-service marine business located in Deale, MD. This project represents the first public-private partnership for stormwater work in southern Anne Arundel County. Meadville Land Service and Triangle Contracting teamed up to build the project.

We Planted Paradise On a Parking Lot!

The project area started out as a gravel lot that was used to store boats and trailers. This project converted the gravel lot into a 60,625 square foot wetland capable of safely retaining and conveying 307,344 cubic feet of stormwater. This wetland treats stormwater from two ephemeral drainage ditches that collect runoff from the surrounding Tri-State business park.

The wetland features two forebays to trap sediment and both high and low marsh areas for enhanced habitat diversity. Water flowing through the wetland works its way into a pool before being slowly fed through a concrete headwall and into Parker Creek. The site was planted with over 500 wetland trees and plants that created diverse and functional habitat in this constructed wetland system. Construction was completed in early 2018.