Living Shorelines Restoration

Twin Harbors Living Shoreline

The Federation, in partnership with the Twin Harbors Community, restored 780 linear feet of existing bulkhead and eroding shoreline with a living shoreline along Mill Creek of the Magothy River. This shoreline project complements the community’s nearby 187 linear foot shoreline and stretches across both community and private property. Additionally, this project includes a 550 square foot best management practice (BMP) located between the parking lot and shoreline to capture additional runoff.

The historic shoreline suffered erosion from both wave and (northern) wind energy and was eventually converted into bulkhead. When the bulkhead began to fail in some areas, the community wanted to install a natural living shoreline to stabilize the shoreline and absorb wave energy. After obtaining a design plan, the community partnered with the Federation to complete construction. The Federation was awarded two grants to complete this project: one from a partnership between the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Anne Arundel County’s Watershed Protection & Restoration Program and the second from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

This project, constructed by Maguire Marine, created a stable shoreline that will work to improve water quality, reduce erosion, and create habitat where there has not been any for decades. Through a native planting, the Federation will work to achieve new habitat zones to support a variety of Bay flora and fauna.