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August 24, 2023

A message from our intern, Kate Moore

Hello river supporters!

My name is Kate Moore and I had the amazing opportunity of working for Arundel Rivers as an intern this Summer! I am entering my third year of my Marine Science degree at Coastal Carolina University, and I am originally from Kent Island, Maryland. The pandemic really put my search for internships on a dramatic hold and I am thrilled to have secured this position with Arundel Rivers!

My story started with a run in with your Riverkeeper, Elle Bassett, at a Paddle Patrol meeting. I asked her if there was any room for an internship with Arundel Rivers and she did not disappoint! Throughout my time with Arundel Rivers, I have been able to experience almost all aspects of a non-profit organization. My first day was a day on the river, and I fell in love with the experience immediately. After talking a little more, Elle and I realized she actually taught me about Riverkeeping in 2017 as a freshman at Kent Island High School. What a small world!

I’ve also spent a good portion of my internship with Mallory Box, your field technician, who has brought me to many restoration sites, including Chrysalis House, where we are planting trees for a future walking trail, and Turnbull Estates, where Arundel Rivers has done a full shoreline restoration on Glebe Bay. Both sites look amazing, and gave me the opportunity learn about native plants and what goes into creating a living shoreline.

About halfway into my internship I was introduced to Shelby Brown and her colleagues at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and I was able to help them with their Chesapeake Water Watch data collection. The purpose of this data collection is to perfect new ways of water quality monitoring. The samples that I processed were used to calibrate NASA’s satellites in space, so they can accurately describe parameters like chlorophyll levels and water clarity.

I have learned so much about my local watershed during my time with Arundel Rivers, and I am so thankful to the staff and our supporters for being so welcoming. Elle and the whole team helped me immensely in my search for a future career, and I am happy to say when I return to school I will continue my studies with a local Riverkeeper association, Winyah Rivers, in Conway, South Carolina.

I want to thank all my coworkers Elle, Mallory, Mairin, Charlotte, Jennifer, and Matt for not only giving me this amazing opportunity but also helping me realize how to apply what I’ve learned to chase my passions in life. What I have been doing with Arundel Rivers has really made me feel like I’ve made a difference. Whether it’s education, monitoring, or restoration, Arundel Rivers has not only made a difference for our local watershed, but also for me personally. I am extremely appreciative of this great opportunity, one that will stick with me for a lifetime.

Kate Moore