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January 20, 2022

Advocacy Priorities for 2022

2022 MD Legislative Session Overview A number of important and interesting pieces of legislation are coming up in this year’s general assembly session. Already, just one week in to the […]

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August 3, 2021

One Shell of a Year: Studying Oyster Reefs on the South River

In the South River, hundreds of millions of oysters have been raised and released on over a dozen oyster reefs. However, at many of these reefs, no one has been […]

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August 2, 2021

The Effect of Fishery Pressure on Oyster Reefs in the South River

Click the link below to read Chloe Obara’s 2020-21 capstone report! Obara Oyster Capstone Final   See a summary  of Chloe’s oyster research here. Learn more about Chloe’s year with […]

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June 23, 2021

Uncovering the Hidden Ecosystems above Oyster Reefs

When thinking about the habitat created by an oyster reef, you might picture minnows, mud crabs, and barnacles that hide in and among the shells. However, the ecosystem of an […]

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March 1, 2020

Glebe Bay Oyster Sanctuary Reef Population Survey

As a part of the Chesapeake Conservation Corps program through the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Shayna Keller developed an oyster population survey for the Glebe Bay Oyster Sanctuary Reef. The restoration […]

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July 10, 2019

Scuba Diving South River’s Oyster Sanctuary Reef

By Shayna Keller, Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer On June 26th, I went scuba diving with my dive buddies, Evan Claggett and Brad King, at the Glebe Bay Oyster Sanctuary Reef […]

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May 23, 2019

South River High School Students Help Determine Optimal Oyster Numbers

The West Rhode Riverkeeper, Jeff Holland, has been working with Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and South River High School students to determine the optimal number of oyster shells that should […]

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July 27, 2017


How is the Sanctuary Reef Doing? Enquiring minds want to know. Yet, the question isn’t easy to answer. We have done bottom samples along the reef and can tell that the […]

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