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2024 Summer Intern

Want to spend a summer on a boat monitoring the health of our rivers, at summer camps helping kids navigate unique environmental experiences, and in an underwater grass jacuzzi prepping grass seeds for restoration projects? Then join Arundel Rivers as our 2024 Summer Intern!

Our college-level intern will be embedded with our monitoring and outreach teams for 24 hours each week for up to 12 weeks between mid-May and mid-August with flexible start and end dates. Interns will have an opportunity to learn from leaders in the environmental field as they contribute to critical environmental programming. Specifically, our intern will spend approximately:

  • 8 hours each week with the South, West, and Rhode Riverkeeper monitoring water quality at nearly 40 stations across our rivers. Arundel Rivers’ monitoring program has been designated as a Tier 3 tidal water quality monitoring program – the highest tier available – by the US EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program Office. This distinction means that our intern will be exposed to the highest quality scientific monitoring methods available across the Chesapeake Bay region as they measure water clarity, dissolved oxygen, and other essential parameters.
  • 8 hours each week with our Outreach Coordinator, collecting bacteria samples at neighborhood docks and swimming beaches and engaging with students at summer camps across the county. Arundel Rivers’ Outreach Program connected with hundreds of children at 10 unique summer camp locations in 2023 plans to expand the number of students engaged this summer.


  • 8 hours each week assisting staff in the management of our brand new submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) turbulator. All summer long, Arundel Rivers will manage a turbulator – a machine that separates SAV seeds from collected SAV stems – at South River Farm Park on the Mayo peninsula. The intern will help to coordinate volunteers to collect SAV from our rivers, process the SAV through the turbulator, prepare the SAV seeds for restoration plantings across the county and region, and conduct SAV plantings in our rivers.

While most work will be completed in the field, our intern may conduct any necessary desk work at our office located in Suite 214 at 2444, Solomons Island Road, Annapolis, MD, 21401.

Our intern will receive $16.00/hour plus a $30/month cell phone stipend and reimbursement for any travel to and from the office to field locations in their personal vehicle.

If a summer on our rivers with Arundel Rivers sounds like a great fit for you, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by March 15, 2024.

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