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September 22, 2021

Bay Loving Landscape Campaign

This weekend, we are launching a Bay Loving Landscapes Campaign. Learn about the 40% rebate for native plants here. Below is a list of resources to help homeowners replace portions of their lawns with native plants.

Fortunately, our partner, Shore Rivers on the Eastern Shore, has compiled an extensive list of resources on their website here.

Listed, below are few of our favorite “go-to” sites.

Native Plants:

Conservation Plants for the Chesapeake (U.S. Fish and Wildlife)

Native Plants of the Chesapeake (Native Plant Center)

Recommended Plants (University of Maryland Extension)


Garden Guides:

Guidebook for planting in the Critical Area (Md Dept. of Natural Resources)

From Your Backyard to the Bay  (Watershed Stewards Academy)

River Friendly Yards (Shore Rivers)

Planting Plans for Maryland Rain Gardens (Low Impact Development Center)

Landscaping Concepts for Wildlife (U.S. Forest Service)


Technical Support:

Anne Arundel Watershed Stewards Academy

Anne Arundel County Master Gardeners

University of MD Extension Office

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional