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September 13, 2021

Public Meeting for Broad Creek Valley Permit Modification

The Arundel Rivers Federation is pleased to begin the restoration and stabilization of another eroding stream located within the Broad Creek watershed in Annapolis, MD. The Federation uses science, restoration, and community action to make the South, West, and Rhode Rivers cleaner and healthier.

We envision clean, fishable, swimmable waterways for our local communities, so are very excited to bring environmental improvements to your area. Broad Creek is currently considered the 2nd most polluted creek on the South River (just behind Church Creek) and is a high restoration priority for our efforts.

The Federation is in the process of obtaining a grading permit and Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation District approval for this project. Construction will not begin until all approvals are in hand. This project will stabilize the rapidly eroding 1,174 ft. gully that is sending tremendous loads of sediment and pollution into Broad Creek.

If left untreated, the gully will continue to erode and degrade the natural ecosystem. This process will stabilize the eroding gully, enhance wetland areas that provide critical habitat, and stop tons of harmful sediment and nutrients from entering Broad Creek, the South River, and thus the Chesapeake Bay each year.

Eroding stream to be restored along Broad Creek.

While our final project will improve the health of Broad Creek, reduce erosion, and create new habitat, we will temporarily impact some existing wetlands, slopes, and the stream within the area during construction. These impacted areas will not only be fully restored after construction, but greatly enhanced as well. Because of the temporary impacts, the Federation is hosting a permit-required community meeting on Thursday, October 7th at 7:00 PM to discuss the project and the temporary impacts. A detailed modification description summarizing the information submitted to the County is enclosed with this letter for your reference. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to learn more about our environmental restoration project and our work, you are encouraged to attend.

For information on joining the virtual meeting please visit the Office of Planning & Zoning’s Community meeting webpage. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom and can be accessed at To dial in, please use 1-301-715-8592 with meeting ID 872 7180 7063.  For questions, contact Jennifer at the Arundel Rivers Federation at [email protected].

Design plans can be viewed HERE.

Sediment plume into Broad Creek from the eroding stream.