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April 22, 2022

Caffrey Run Stream Restoration Project

Caffrey Run Stream Restoration Project
Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis, MD

With more than 300 acres of walking trails, scenic waterfront views and other fabulous amenities, it is no wonder Quiet Waters Park is Anne Arundel County’s most popular public park. Unfortunately, the banks of Caffrey Run, a stream which crosses through Quiet Waters, have become severely unstable. Major storm events have sent large surges of water through the stream channel and have torn away, or eroded, the dirt along the banks. Some upstream areas have been impacted so severely the banks reach heights of 8 feet or

Where did all that dirt go? Into Harness Creek and the South River, resulting in water that is too muddy to grow underwater grass and a creek where fish often don’t have enough dissolved oxygen to survive. In addition, the eroding stream bank is threatening the structural integrity of a bridge that spans a popular trail and serves as a key access point for both people and emergency vehicles to the trail system.

Bringing Cleaner Water to Harness Creek

Arundel Rivers Federation is starting construction to restore approximately 1,000 feet of Caffrey Run. Stabilizing the stream bank and forcing the stormwater to spread out and slow down will mean clearer and more oxygen rich waters for Harness Creek. Once completed, over 1,300 native trees and shrubs will be planted along the project site for native wildlife and visitors of Quiet Waters Park to enjoy.

This restoration project will improve the forested wetland habitat available for native wildlife and ensure fishable, swimmable waters in Harness Creek and the South River for current and future generations. As this project is located entirely within a public park, it will preserve the safety and recreational access of park visitors from across the County and beyond when it is ultimately constructed.

The Federation was awarded grant funding to complete this project and is working in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Anne Arundel County’s Watershed Protection & Restoration Program, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Meadville Land Service, Inc. is providing their restoration expertise as the project contractor.

Construction photos:

Pre-construction photos: