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August 23, 2023

Help Save the Forest at Glebe Heights

Dear River Supporters,

The Forest at Glebe Heights needs your help!

Within my first month as your South, West, and Rhode Riverkeeper last year, I sent out my first call-to-action to protect the Forest at Glebe Heights from development. Coming up on what will soon be my one-year anniversary with Arundel Rivers, I am making the same request to you now – help us save the Forest at Glebe Heights that is still threatened by development. Last winter, over 600 supporters signed on to our comment letter urging the County to protect the forest from development! Please join me again in the effort to protect this environmentally sensitive land by signing on to our latest public comment letter calling upon the County to deny the third sketch plan to develop the Forest at Glebe Heights.

As you know, forests are critical to our county’s natural resources, economy, resilience, and health. The Forest at Glebe Heights is part of a larger network of intact forests surrounding Glebe Creek on the South River that provides critical habitat for forest interior dwelling bird species. The forest is also located directly upstream of Arundel Rivers’ Glebe Bay oyster restoration site – the reef where oysters raised and cared for by our supporters are planted! We must protect this reef from pollution by protecting the forests that surround it.

Read our letter to the county here:Arundel Rivers Comments Third Submittal Glebe Heights 8.23

Click here to add your signature to our letter today and tell the County it is time to deny the application to develop the Forest at Glebe Heights!

As always, thank you for your support, and remember:

Together, we are Arundel Rivers!

Elle Bassett
South, West & Rhode Riverkeeper