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April 22, 2021

Herrington Harbor North Restoration

At Herrington Harbour North Marina, the Federation restored a rapidly eroding headcut in an area of the County that has seen little restoration work. With full landowner support in a high-profile recreational location, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase restoration and stormwater management. This 2021 project drains 28 acres, of which over 32% is impervious.  In addition to the headcut stabilization  and wetland enhancement, a best manage practice (BMP) will be installed off of the Marina’s main road to treat additional runoff.

We are glad that we were able to work with Herrington Harbor North to stop the erosion before the marina’s multiple kayak racks fell into the stream! We love when we can help local businesses and bring cleaner water to our communities!

We are excited for spring to turn the site beautiful and green and for all the trees waiting to be planted in the picture below to leaf out and grow.








The stream was badly eroding. See David Lanier, who is 6 feet tall, standing inside the stream pre-restoration. The stream has “dug down” several feet and all the dirt that was under the stream has now been flushed into Herring Bay. See Nancy Sullivan, pointing to the head cut (a vertical dirt wall caused by water rapidly cascading over it), which was retreating up the stream several feet a year.