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February 7, 2019

Kevin Green Named Interim Executive Director

We want to share with you some important news. Liz Buxton is no longer the Executive Director of Arundel Rivers Federation. Kevin Green, a board member since 2009, will serve as Interim Executive Director. We expect to have a new Executive Director in place by the summer of 2019.

During Liz’s tenure with the Federation, she played a significant role in the combination of the South River Federation and the West Rhode Riverkeeper. The Federation is on course with integrating the two organizations. While, we have a new legal name, a new logo, and a new  website , our commitment to providing fishable, swimmable waterways remains the same.

Moving Ahead in 2019

We are looking forward to completing our innovative Bacon Ridge Restoration Project. By using a wood-based technique that mimics beaver dams instead of rock berms, we were able to double the length of the stream restoration for the same cost. We are also excited to start the project in the Turnbull Community on Glebe Bay that incorporates experimental oyster reef balls into the proposed living shoreline.

Your opinions and advice are valuable to Arundel Rivers Federation, and we know you will continue to support the important work Arundel Rivers is doing as we move forward with this new chapter.

Arundel Rivers Federation Board of Directors