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June 29, 2021

Osprey Chick Rescued

On Monday, June 28th, one of the two Osprey chicks fell out of the nest! Luckily, it fell only a few inches onto a black shingled roof, but still those few inches were more than the chick could climb to get back into the nest. We are grateful to Heather Jeweler with Maryland Raptor Conservation Center for coming out to help.

Arundel Rivers volunteer, Bob O’Dell, met her with a ladder. It turns out that Heather is afraid of heights, so the most difficult part for her was going up and down the ladder. She had no problem returning the chick to the nest. It was an very hot day with temperatures reading over 100, so we are glad that she was able to respond so quickly to remove the chick from the black shingles.

The chick was tired and hot but perked up a lot after being fed fish by its parents. See the video of the rescue below.

We also want to thank Tom, the senior member of the Jarriel family for his help and support.

To see the live stream of the Osprey Cam, Go here .

The Osprey family is reunited!