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March 2, 2022

Working Together to Protect Anne Arundel County’s Rivers

Two organizations leading efforts to conserve the rivers of Anne Arundel County are making changes to strengthen their capacity to protect the South, West and Rhode, and Severn Rivers.

Arundel Rivers Federation congratulates Jesse Iliff, who has ably served as its Riverkeeper for the South, West and Rhode Rivers, on his appointment as Executive Director of the Severn River Association. As Riverkeeper, Jesse provided strong leadership on the rivers and as an advocate for our rivers. We look forward to partnering with Jesse and the Severn River Association.

The Arundel Rivers Federation is launching a search for a new Riverkeeper for the South, West and Rhode Rivers. As the voice for the rivers, the Riverkeeper will utilize the core strategies of advocacy, enforcement, outreach, restoration, education, and water quality monitoring to protect our waterways. Information on how to apply for the Riverkeeper position will be posted shortly.

The new Riverkeeper will capitalize on the excitement created by the new Arundel Rivers Federation strategic plan as part of our effort to achieve the next level in fulfilling the Federation’s mission to preserve, protect and renew our waterways.

In the interim, the Arundel Rivers Federation will ensure that its rivers remain protected. Essential Riverkeeper obligations will be fulfilled through a joint effort involving Federation staff and member volunteers. The work of the Federation’s two watershed advisory committees for the South, West and Rhode Rivers will continue uninterrupted. Information about the Arundel Rivers Federation, our Riverkeeper program, and our new strategic plan can be found at


Jim Lyons
Arundel Rivers Federation
Interim Executive Director